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At some time during your business life you may need the support of  FINANCIAL INVESTORS OR BUSINESS ANGELS.  This  can be for  starting or established businesses.

Financial Investors and or Business Angels, can either consist of a company, a group of companies or a wealthy private individual - who have the financial means of supporting the companies which they feel qualifies for their investment(s) also - on - hand - sound Business Advice will always be available from their experts. Depending on the type of written agreement you have the money can be given to you all at once or in stages.

It is wise before seeking financial assistance to find out - how much money you really require. It is best to think very clearly on this - write down all your yearly figures / costings and overheads etc... Think once and then think again. If you need someone to help you with this never be too shy to ask - for their assistance and input.

It is better to over-estimate the amount of money that is needed than under-estimate - (depending on what you are asking for - the money should last for a year or two years) because if you find that you have loaned too much money you can always give the excess back, if you under-estimate the finance you require - it may be difficult to go back to your lender and ask for more money.

These groups and or groups of individuals / companies – has been devised to give both  consultancy  advice and financial assistance to all types of companies -  both  large or small, new or established. Which may also include sound business advice if this is both requested and required.

They can loan from -  £2,500.00  to  £250 million pounds upwards. ( These are also companies that offers grants as well as loans ).

GENERALLY  THEY ASK IN RETURN – either an interest on the monies that they loaned  to your company –  or  a certain amount of the share holdings within your company – WITH  YOU  KEEPING THE MAJORITY number of  shares – so that you hold the controlling interest in your business.

IT IS WISE TO SECURE THE SERVICES OF A SOLICITOR AND an ACCOUNTANT  to advise plus represent you / your company  both financially and legally.  If you require one or both of  these  - please see our FIND A SOLICITOR and NEED AN ACCOUNTANT Departments for further information.

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