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The General Manager,
The Fashion Forum Department,
Dear Madam, Just a tip for parents who have fashion conscience children, I am a mum myself. My children use to be always asking for the latest this and the latest that in clothing, also they wanted to create their own styling. What I found is to firstly buy a good variety of trimmings such as beads/diamonds/rhinestones, buttons, ribbons, zips etc., pieces of chains. I bought the chains from my localhard ware shop (to save money you can also remove any useful item from unwanted clothing) secondly sit down with the children and attach these in a decorative designs on their clothing (look through fashion magazines for design ideas) either by sewing or using one of the strongest glues that I know. I sometimes use a good quality leather glue. If using the glue wash hands thoroughly after use. When finished you will see a miraculous transformation, that all their friends have started to envy and copy.
Thanks Mrs. E. Killigion, London.

Dear Sir, I have been looking around at the shops and I am trying to get nice clothing for my children. Do you know why each shop I go into the measurements are different for each size, why is that so.???
Yours. Mrs. O. Jack, Lincolnshire.

Dear Sir, Is there a shop/place where I can buy shoes and boots in half sizes both for adults and children, if so please let me know.
Mrs. N. Patterson. Surrey.

Dear Sir, We are having a problem getting different colours of dress netting to make a "tutu" for my niece. Can you let us know where I can order this from either on-line or from a shop.
Miss G. Goddard, Durham.
Dear Madam, Just a tip for your readers when hand dying your clothing to create a different look always wear washing up gloves.You will be surprised the amount of times the dyes have stained my hands they looked like a walking colour chart. Cheerio.
Mr. M. Lakelands, Cardiff

Dear Sir, I do pass on to others a lot of my children's clothing, it is nice to know that they are getting more usage especially the jeans. I placed cuts in and bleached them myself.
Mr. D. Jumps, Devon.

Dear Madam. I am writing to say a very big thank you for both my very good Mum and my very good Nan. My Mum taught me how to sew and my Nan taught me how to knit -,now I have a little girl it is so nice to spend the spare time I have making little things for my daughter. It is a guarantee that I will definitely pass on my skills to her , so she in turn can use these skills when she is older for her children and teach her children to teach their children.
Bye for Now Mrs. T. Haverston, Kent.

Dear Sir, Please could you let me know how I would go about buying the right bra for me. The ones I have already have do not seem to fit me properly.
Miss H. Doris, Essex.
Dear Sir, My body shape is an odd one, the top part of me is quite large the bottom part is small. I am a pear shape in reverse - can you guide me as to the type of clothes plus colours to wear that will compliment my body shape.
Thanks Miss B. King, Glasgow.

Dear Madam, I hope that the fashion for having large shoulder pads in our clothing never return. It always gave me very broad shoulders and made me look like an all in wrestler.
Have nice day Miss G. Sanders, Wiltshire.

Dear Sir, Just to say, that I have heard that wearing vertical or horizontal slrips can change the look of your body. Could you let me know what I can do with my body, I have a square shaped body. What sort of clothing and colours do you think would look good on me. I am 25 years old, around 5 ft 7 inches tall and have pale features with light brown hair.
Thank you Miss D. Moreton, Somerset.

Dear Madam, We have never met but I class myself as a trendy dresser, can you recommend to me any shop or shops (or on-line contacts) where I can buy handbags, shoes and scarves, all matching. It is sometimes hard to find things I like. My budget for this is around £400.00 for the set - I would pay more if I thought that the items were worth it.
Miss P. Smith, Kent.
Dear Sir, Recently I bought a beautiful pair of burgundy coloured leather knee high boots, flat heeled, with a double silver chain around the ankle. Can you let me know how to clean these boots and store them away for the winter months. I want to keep them looking good for as long as possible.
Thank you, Miss K. Edwine, Essex.

Dear Madam, Can you tell me is there a company that makes shoes using your own fabric. I am going to a ball in the summer, I am having my dress made, now I need a pair a shoes covered in the same fabric as the dress. Please let me know where I can get this done.
Regards Miss H. Shaw, Cornwall.

Dear Sir, Not so long ago, I went through a phase where everything I bought was black, now I cannot stand the colour. I cannot afford to throw all the garments out, some of which are quite nice. Do you have any ideas what I can do to liven them up??
Cheerio Miss. O. Tapple. London.

Dear Madam, Mini and Maxi lengths -1 know of these - but please could you tell me what a "Midi" length is.
Regards Miss. W. Queen , Dorset.
Dear Sir, My favourite colour is green , that colour really suits me. I have been looking for an olive green velvet jacket for a wedding that I am attending. Can you let me know where I can get this from.
Bye Mr. L Patel, London

Dear Madam, I found with "T " shirts after a while they tend to stretch out of shape. Is there a technique I can use to keep them looking good for a longer period of time, I wear them a lot with or without collars.
Regards Mr. T. Naadad, Derbyshire

Dear Madam, Catalogues 1 find are very helpful, 1 like the way you can order whatever garment you choose and if they do not fit or look right you can send them back.
Thank you Mr. I. Spence, Staffordshire.

Dear Madam, Can you tell me of a good hand dry cleaners, my Dad gave me one of his original suits from the seventies. it still quite fashionable, I need to wear it to a themed event. It is tweed with leather buttons. I can travel as I have a car I do not mind where I take it, as long as they look after it and do a good job as the suit is irreplaceably. I love my Dad. Bye for now.
Mr. W. Andlers, Cumbria.
Dear Madam, Could you send to me instructions of how to tie a bow tie. I purchased one recently but did not like to ask the shop assistant in case she thought I was being silly.
Thanks Mr. A. Bellous, West Midlands.

Dear Madam, Over the Moon am I, my girlfriend and I have been invited to our very first "Black and White Balt", I must tell all the readers. My suit and my shirt is white, my tie is black and I found a perfect pair of correspondence shoes which are black and white. My girlfriend will be wearing a long black and white evening dress, which I have been told I cannot see until that evening. 1 know that I am going to have good time.
Wish me luck Bye Mr. K Harrined, Kent.

Dear Madam, Do you think I can get away with wearing a "T" shirt with a suit and a smart pair of trainers to a dressy evening dinner. I know that a few celebrities do it but do you think I can get away with it. I need to impress my boss who will be there with his wife as well. Very nice writing to you.
Mr. T. Michaels, Aberdeen.

Dear Madam, My cashmere jumper is of a cerise colour. It looked nice in the shop and when I tried it on it looked okay on me therefore, I bought it. I have had it a for few months I can't bring myself to wear it because my taste have suddenly changed. I now feel that the colour does not suit me. This jumper was expensive. It seems such a waste to have it just sitting in the cupboard. Have you any ideas what I can do to it, can it be dyed or what can be done???.
Regards sent Mr. D. Vance, Hertfordshire.
Dear Madam, I am a man -1 have twin daughters to provide for - even though they are identical twins - they have completely different tastes when it comes to clothing- but I do make them wear each others clothing - so that each item gets extra wear from it. The girls sometimes complain about it - but they fully realize that the money I save on their clothing means that we can have yearly holidays, which they enjoy. I just thought that you would like to know this - it may help other people in the same situation.
Thank you Mr. P. Dennis, Warwickshire.
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